How to get testimonials that make people believe - and buy!


It's a proven fact that testimonials can boost response - sometimes by 30% or more. But for results like that, you need more than satisfied customers. You need "true believers" who'll give you passionate, powerful, persuasive testimonials.


That's why you should know about The Testimonial Wrangler. We offer complete turnkey services and unique advantages, including...


Testimonial drives tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for testimonials from long-term customers, new users or experts, we know how to identify enthusiastic articulate candidates with great stories to tell. What questions to ask to screen out less-than-ideal candidates. And how to get them excited about participating.
Teams who know how to work with real people. There's a real art to putting people at ease, drawing them out, and making them forget they're on camera. And our testimonial wranglers are experts at it – with decades of testimonial and documentary-style shooting experience.
A treasure trove of extras. Besides attention-grabbing testimonials, you also get verbatim, indexed transcripts of all interviews. Handsome still shots to use in print and web advertising. Plus signed releases from participants.
All for a surprisingly low price! Wondering if you can afford all the benefits of testimonial  advertising?  The Testimonial Wrangler can devise a  cost-effective,  sales-boosting plan for just about any size budget.

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